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In agile scrum the product owner is a key player who serves as the voice of the customer for the team and is uniquely positioned to judge the effectiveness of a solution to solve the customer’s problem. This makes it critical that the product owner has the ability to ensure the delivered work meets the customer need and solves the problem being addressed by a given user story. 


How do we best keep a team focused on meeting the customer’s need in each story? 


Is it necessary to remind the team regularly that they need to discuss their implementation plan with the product owner? Should every change in design have a sign off process for the product owner to approve the change in design? 


NO!  Doing this is counterproductive. Do this and you will slow down the delivery of value and reduce the team’s morale. This leads to higher costs of delivery in both time and dollars. There is a better approach. Simply use the scrum process itself to assure the delivered solution meets the customer need.

What in scrum assures us that the delivered solution meets the customer need?


1. The product owner is tasked with accepting each user story.

This sets up the product owner as the gate-keeper for story acceptance. Knowing this, the team will naturally collaborate with and seek the product owner’s buy in for any solution they are going to deliver. 

2. The team goal is to complete 100% of the sprint commitment.

By tracking the sprint success and holding the team accountable for that success management ensures that getting acceptance within the sprint is important to the team. This pushes the team to engage in that needed collaboration.

Simply put- the team cannot reach its goal if they cannot get the product owner to accept their stories. Scrum team members want to succeed. We are dealing with intelligent and motivated people who work on scrum teams. They will figure out very quickly the importance of collaboration with the product owner.

Because the collaboration is naturally enforced by scrum there is no need to remind the team that they need to seek the product owner’s approval for implementations. Instead it is more fruitful to reinforce the need for the product owner to accept the completed stories and for the team to meet their sprint commitment. This reinforces the fundamental scrum principles while treating the team in a way that promotes initiative and morale.

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