Jul 26

Sprint demonstrations are important for more than just the development team. They are the opportunity for clients and client representatives to provide early feedback on what is being developed. It is an opportunity to get a first look at the new functionality so that when it is released you are not seeing it for the first time.

Attending sprint demonstrations is a valuable use of your time. Anyone who uses an application or supports clients using an application should attend sprint demonstrations whenever possible.

Attending a sprint demonstration should be something that is done actively. It is your opportunity to raise questions, issues, make suggestions and provide your input on how things being added to the application should function. It is your opportunity to give input on how things that you need to use and support work.

Use this opportunity to help make the applications you work with better, easier to use, and easier to support.

How a sprint demonstration is handled varies but the key value is to get real feedback on what is being built. Anything that helps deliver this value is reasonable to consider doing. Feel free to suggest changes to the demo meeting format that would help make this value more real.

Please- attend sprint demonstrations whenever possible and be part of making things work better.

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