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Scrum practices often talk about how important it is to wind up with potentially releasable software every sprint. That means that each user story must produce something that is potentially releasable.

What do we really mean when we say potentially releasable?

There is the ideal of potentially releasable and then there is the acceptable. Let’s face it- some features just take more than 1 sprint to make something that you would actually want to release.

First the ideal

Ideally a user story builds a feature that is in and of itself releasable to a client and brings value. That means that the feature looks good, works well, and does something useful. You could list this item on a detailed list of features of the software. The feature is tested, no regressions were introduced, no new technical debt was introduced, and all needed documentation is complete. In short, the user story is ready for deployment.

Ok, it is always easy to define the ideal- now how about reality?

  • There are some minimal requirements for something to be potentially releasable. 
  • The work must be tested. This may be via a test harness, reading log files, or otherwise observing the system behave. 
  • The work must be demonstrable. At the least the data from the testing should be able to be shown.
  • The work must not inhibit the use of previously existing features.
  • The work might be hidden from the end users’ view based on a configuration flag. 
  • The work must be integrated with and tested with the current code base.


Always shoot for the ideal, never go below the minimal.

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What is Daily Scrum?

  • Every scrum team should hold a quick 10 minute stand up meeting each day to help the team keep on track, raise impediments, and keep up with what they are doing. 
  • The daily scrum meeting is critical to the success of the team. This is one guaranteed point of contact for any interested party. It is the time where any stakeholder can stop by and get a sense of what is going on in the team. It allows for management to see what is going on without checking up on people all the time. 
  • The daily scrum is a place to make work visible and raise impediments.
  • The daily scrum is a great place to line up people to help you work out a problem. “Hey Bob, let’s get together and look at the whatsawhooseit and clarify what it is supposed to be.” not a discussion on what a whatsawhooseit is.


What Daily Scrum is NOT!


  • Daily scrum is not a status report to management.
  • Daily scrum is not a tool for micro managing the team’s work.
  • Daily scrum is not a problem solving session.
  • Daily scrum is not a design session.
  • Daily scrum does not replace phone calls, emails, design meetings etc.
  • Daily scrum is not a long running meeting.
  • Daily scrum is only a small part of the collaboration needed within the team.



Required attendees

  • Scrum Master
  • All developers doing work in the sprint
  • All testers doing work in the sprint

Recommended additional attendees

  • Product Owner
  • Development Manager
  • QA Manger

Optional attendees

  • Other Management
  • Other developers or testers from other teams
  • Anyone and everyone at the company

Some rules to follow to get daily scrum right

  • Daily scrum is at the same time, same dial in number, same place every day.
  • Non-Required attendees are only allowed to speak if a required attendee asks them a question. If you are not a required attendee think of yourself as a resource that the team may tap if they want/need too.
  • Each committed team member answers the following questions:
    • What did you do yesterday?
    • What are you planning to do today?
    • What are your impediments?
  • The answers should focus on work being done in relation to the team. If you have outside commitments they can be mentioned but only minimally unless they are impediments to delivering what the team needs to be successful.
  • If required attendees have questions or comments regarding a report they may speak however discussion should be limited with any lengthy discussions held after daily scrum is completed.
  • If this takes more than 15 minutes you either have a team that is too big, too much discussion that should take place outside of daily scrum is happening, or people who should not be interrupting are slowing things down. The scrum master should address these issues with the help from the team and management.
  • After the Daily Scrum
  • Once every one of the committed team members are finished then the scrum master ends the daily scrum and opens the floor to everyone. Nobody is considered required at this point and if you are not needed you are free to leave the meeting.
  • At that point often the team will linger for a few minutes. This is the opportunity for others in attendance to ask questions, offer feedback, and have impromptu discussions needed. 
  • This portion along with the initial daily scrum should never be allowed to last more than a total of 30 minutes. Any further discussion needs to be handled separately.
  • This is a great time to make some announcements to the team, discuss process changes, or ask questions.


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