Jun 21

I had a situation where one of my teams had some local members and other members who were remote.

At first I tried having the remote team members participate in their daily status meetings via a conference line. That worked, but just not as well as I would like. It was difficult for the remote folks to keep up with what was going on and often there would be discussions that they would not seem to know happened.

After struggling with this for some time I decided to try holding the status meeting over the phone for the whole team. It worked very well.

In fact I have one team that currently is in this situation and I find that having all team members reporting via phone puts everyone on a level playing field. The status meetings run quickly, everyone lets the person reporting talk without interrupting, and the meeting gets handled quickly- just like a daily status meeting should.

From this I have formed what I will call Remote Team Rule 1.

Remote Team Rule 1: When a team has remote and local members, daily status meetings should be held as though all team members are remote.

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