Feb 25


It has suprised me to discover a lot of confusion around velocity. It seems like everyone understands it easily but they do not.

There are a lot of misconceptions around velocity. 

What? I know what velocity is! it is so simple! Do you think I am an idiot!

No, I do not think you are an idiot. I do think there are misconceptions that are easy to have especially if you have a traditional project management background.

Soemtimes people associate the work planned into a sprint as being that sprint and keep tracking that work as finishing up the sprint even after that sprint is over.

Instead of focusing on how people may wind up with misconceptions I will instead attempt to explain how sprint velocity is defined. For this we will first need to have a good understanding of what defines a sprint.


What is a sprint?

A sprint is a pre-defined length of time in which a scrum team plans work, commits to that work, and attempts to complete that work. 

Some things a sprint is not

  • A sprint is not a mini project.
  • A sprint length is not defined by the amount of work you plan to get done.


When is a sprint over?

A sprint is ALWAYS done when that time runs out. Whatever state the code is in is the state of things when that sprint ended. The goal is to have releasable software at that point. If you do not the team needs to plan better next time.


What do you do with unfinished work at the end of a sprint?

Generally that works is moved into the next sprint to be finished. This is of course not ideal and means that the sprint failed. There may be changing business circumstances that cause that work to be postponed until a later sprint. This is up to the product owner.

Velocity is simply the measurement of how much work was completed within the sprint. 

The only work that counts is completed work. That means user stories that the product owner has accepted as being in a potentially releasable state and finished. 


Do not count unfinished work. You will get your points for that work when it is finished.


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